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Bend, Oregon USA

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Smart Tips from our Electricians!

August 2017

Ever try to use your blow dryer,

 hot tub, electric shaver, etc. but

it won’t turn on?  

First - reset the wall outlet button. Hot tubs typically have the same GFI/GFCI located in a protected

area near the hot tub (under decking or other

control enclosure).  If resetting this doesn’t

solve the problem, check your main circuit

breaker box to see if that breaker has tripped.

Reset here also if needed.

This is a safety feature to protect you!

In a rental unit?  Call your property manager first.

Give us a call if performing the reset isn’t

solving the issue - 541-382-3589.

Current regulations require a GFI/GFCI second circuit breaker located near or in electrical outlets in

bathrooms and other locations that are situated near water.  It is especially important to use this outlet

for hair dryers, curling irons, electric shavers and toothbrushes, etc when near a sink with water.